Okay folks the site is open again

And now without that nasty free counter that make me closed the site, because they suddenly take the freedom to put unwanted pop ups on this site .

Later I find out they have the right to do it because it's a free counter, and somewhere you can read it in there agreement of this free counter offer, unless you will pay for this counter.

So the site is open again and have some news for you

In the mean time I have created some new cars for Mafia, renewed 1930 A Ford's complete with the famous Ford four engine from Neutral and brand new realistic where wheels.


Soon are they downloadable

Also new, really good looking look-alike of the 1934 V8 Ford Coupe's and roadsters, also with a realistic Ford V8 engine and also with brand new realistic where wheels.


Soon are they downloadable 



  The site where you can find ad-on cars for your favorite car games

The main object is to percent to you the creations of C-Carman

Later also the creations from other creators by using web links

Or will be add on this site with permission from the author/creator

So be welcome to the site, and hope you find some interesting items you probable can us for your beloved car game.

 The most cars you will find here on this moment are items for the game Mafia , but later you will find here also cars for other kind car games, for instance Re-Volt , Carmageddon and of course in the future more cars of other old or new age games from this time .

When the time is there, we will planned to add also the ad-on cars for games who will be come in the future.

So look around on this site and feel yourself free if you want to download one or more cars, or it can be that you feel some curiosity, or be interested in one of the other car games, than download the demo and see for yourself if you like it or not.