A nice race game with RC Cars


         Re-Volt is a other kind of original race game because you don't raced now in expensive bolides, but in little radiographic drivable cars. 

The first thing you notice when you start a race in Re-Volt is that your view of the world is from the bottom up. And, dare we say it, the world has a nice shapely bottom. The feel of being in an environment made for creatures much larger than you adds a nice feel to the game. Back in the days of RC ProAm, and more recently with the Micro Machines games, you felt like you were racing a tiny car. Re-Volt turns the whole concept on its head by making you feel like you're driving a normal car in a huge environment. Whether you're slamming into a basketball, driving under a car, or rocketing off a curb, you feel immersed in a world made for giants. We spent twenty minutes just driving around bouncing against a basketball and enjoying every second of it!

The second thing you notice is the excellent physics. They feel much like a real RC car! RC cars have rocket-like acceleration, tons of grip, and tremendous agility. All of these aspects are captured in Re-Volt. If you've driven an RC car, you know how easy it is to spin out and flip due to driving such a light vehicle. Re-Volt captures this aspect perfectly as well! Good job there, Iguana!

The third thing you notice is how nice the graphics are. Iguana made heavy use of reflective surfaces when designing Re-Volt. All racing games nowadays have that feature, but Re-Volt seems to do it particularly well. Some later levels have reflective waxed floors. We're looking forward to seeing those in action! The cars themselves have detailed textures, and the maps are both detailed, and as we said, large!

Riff Raff's original 1955 Porche 911 



AC Cobra skin for the Porche       MG skin for the Porche          Ferrarie Spyder skin for the Porche    


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Have also build in this, 2 of my creations


26,2 MB

It needs no installation, just unzip it where you want it and play the game



 Soon more downloads available