It's a old MS Dos running Game, but still funny to play 

It will runs on Windows 95, 98 and ME

Sorry but it will not work on Windows XP Home Edition

It's not tested on other Windows systems

Play the ultimate killer, hit the pedestrians and they will die in lots of splashing blood and you earning play time and credits for it.

Or destroy the cars of your opponents by hitting them so hard and fast as you can and earn a lots of play time and more credits

Carmageddon: it’s murder on the streets. The nastiest driving game in the world… ever!  

Pit you wits against 25 manic drivers over 36 formidable race circuits in your quest to become the King of Carnage and the Prince of the Pile-Up! Carmageddon has reinvented the driving game; your position doesn’t count and it doesn’t matter one iota who gets across the line first. All that counts is the amount of damage you inflict and organs you liberate on the way.

Take the wheel as Max Damage or Die Annie and waste contestants, pedestrians and farmyard animals for points and credit. You must maim, kill and cheat your way to the top ranking. Customize you car for a better performance with parts stolen from your victims and smash ‘n’ trash your way to the top. Earn extra points and time for imaginative and humorous pedestrian pulping and opponent bashing – wimps are not rewarded. The aim of the game (other than to enjoy yourself and cause as much death and destruction as possible) is to increase your rank, starting out at 99 and hopefully ending up as number 1, by earning credits. Kill all the pedestrians and earn a juicy bonus. The higher the rank the more choice of races you have to enter and the more cars you get your hands on; look out for a rather special one in the latter stages, as big as a small house with the performance of a fighter plane…

Armour up in the ‘parts shop’ and spend credit to enable you to inflict maximum damage on your opponents, steal cars you have smashed during the race and use them in the next race, once you have smashed and trashed your way round the course why not visit the wrecks gallery and gloat over the all that damage you caused?


Alfa Spider skin for one of the Carmageddon1 cars

The original Carmageddon versions supporting VooDoo 3Dfx cards

With VooDoo 3Dfx                                       Without VooDoo 3Dfx

Later you find here more.

Downloadable ad/on cars, skins and more.

Here below some links 

SCi Online                            The publisher of the Carmageddon series
Stainles                                  Developer of  Carmageddon 1, 2 and  Splat Pack
Torus                                      Developer of  Carmageddon : TDR 2000          The official Carmageddon site